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System & Software Technology Group

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Responsable: Juan Garbajosa Sopeña

Contacto: Juan Garbajosa Sopeña

Arquitecturas Orientadas a Servicios, Arquitecturas software, Cloud Computing, Ingeniería del software dirigida por modelos, Internet de las Cosas, Líneas de producto

The Systems and Software Technology Group (SYST) ( is a research group with a deep involvement in international and national projects in close collaboration with industry with clear projection in transforming research into innovation and training; EU Research Framework Programmes, ITEA and European Space Agency (ESA), are examples of programmes where SYST has the opportunity to work very closely with different industrial and academic partners. SYST group was created in 1998 and is recognized as such in the Research Groups Quality Plan of the Comunidad de Madrid Government. SYST is part of the Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías Software y Sistemas Multimedia para la Sostenibilidad (CITSEM research Center).

SYST has a wide experience in modeling of software, system architecture and software processes, and in automation and tools for supporting modeling. SYST has also been involved in several projects of power smart grids, where has contributed to the definition and implementation of the new grid architecture, architectures for systems dynamic evolution, and autonomic properties. SYST has set up an energy interoperability laboratory in its premises. has a wide experience in modeling of software, software architecture and innovation and software processes, as well as dynamic evolution and autonomic capabilities. SYST has also been involved in several projects of power smart grids, where their research has been validated. SYST has also a strong background in agile software development processes, and has set up a Smart Software Factory where new concepts are validated, and tools and software components developed under a global development paradigm.

SYST has set up a Smart Software Factory where students learn software engineering practices and new concepts, tools and software components are developed and validated under a global development paradigm. SYST has published a high number of publications with impact and has been organizing committee of several workshops and conferences. Their researchers are referees of well-known journals with impact and are involved in many program committees relevant in the area. SYST is also involved in standardization committees (ISO, AENOR in Spain).

SYST members are involved in the research MsC Ciencias y Tecnologías de la Computación and the PhD Program COmputing Science and Technology for smArt Cities of UPM at ETSISI School of Engineering.

The group is in close contact with other national and international community, research and industrial. This cooperation is in the area of software systems engineering, and smart grids and smart cities, as is the case of Software Engineering Institute, Imperial College , U of Helsiniki, FORTISS , U. of Bolzano, U of Oulu, Tech Platforms (NESSI, Planetic, and Futured). In addition, SYST is involved in the network of DSDM (Desarrollo Software Dirigido por Modelos).

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