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IAAA – Advanced Information Systems Laboratory

Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón (I3A), Universidad de Zaragoza

Responsable: Francisco Javier Zarazaga Soria

Contacto: Javier Nogueras Iso

Arquitecturas Orientadas a Servicios, Arquitecturas software, Big Data, Gestión de datos, Ingeniería de Servicios, Ingeniería Web, Requisitos, calidad y pruebas

The Advanced Information Systems Laboratory (IAAA), within the Aragon Institute of Engineering Research (I3A) at the University of Zaragoza, is a multidisciplinary R&D unit specialized on the informatics aspects of geospatial information. IAAA activity is focused on distributed information systems, information retrieval and semantic technologies in areas such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Location Based Services (LBS) and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). In addition to an extensive academic activity on those topics, an important number of research papers, and a large amount of research projects and technology transfer, its members have collaborated with standardization organizations for geographical information at national (UNE) and international (CEN/TC 287, ISO/TC 211, OGC, INSPIRE) levels.

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